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2007-3-22  stationary combustion, an additional category is available in sector 1.A.5 for any emissions that cannot be extraction and the processing and upgrading of natural gas. This category also includes emissions from pre-combustion processing for CO2 capture and storage. Combustion emissions from pipeline transport should be reported under 1 A 3

Equipment Leaks of Volatile Organic Compounds

Equipment Leaks of Volatile Organic Compounds From Onshore Natural Gas Processing Plants for Which Construction, Reconstruction, or Modification Commenced After January 20, 1984, and on or Before August 23, 2011: New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)

AP-42, Section 5.3: Natural Gas Processing

2015-9-10  Natural gasoline, butane, and propane are usually present in the gas, and gas processing plants are required for the recovery of these liquefiable constituents (see Figure 5.3-1). Natural gas is considered "sour" if hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) is present in amounts greater than 5.7 milligrams

Supervisor Plant Energy Transfer Partners LP Careers

S ummary: . Energy Transfer is seeking a Plant Supervisor responsible for day-to-day shift operations at our Jackson Plant. This position is located in Ganado, TX and will oversee/direct up to 20 hourly employees in the operation of a natural gas processing plant, including one cryogenic plants, two amine treating plants, glycol and mole-sieve dehydration systems, product storage, utilities

AGDC Liquefaction Plant Determination Material

The Liquefaction Plant will be the terminus of an approximately 807-mile gas pipeline, allowing natural gas from Alaska’s North Slope to be shipped to outside markets. The stationary source will consist of structures and equipment associated with processing, storage, and loading of LNG.

Equipment for Cleaning Seeds USDA

Stationary posts, adjustable for clear- ance with the arms, protrude inward from the drum. These machines rub the seeds against the arms and against each other. The time the seeds remain in the machine is varied by regulating a discharge gate. The degree of action is deter-mined by the processing time, beater clearance, and beater speed.

3.2 Natural Gas-fired Reciprocating Engines

2015-9-10  7/00 Stationary Internal Combustion Sources 3.2-1 3.2 Natural Gas-fired Reciprocating Engines 3.2.1 General1-3 Most natural gas-fired reciprocating engines are used in the natural gas industry at pipeline compressor and storage stations and at gas processing plants. These engines are used to provide mechanical shaft power for compressors and pumps.

Mechanism for analogous illusory motion perception

Most of the time, visual circuitry in our brains faithfully reports visual scenes. Sometimes, however, it can report motion in images that are in fact stationary, leading us to perceive illusory motion. In this study, we establish that fruit flies, too, perceive motion in the stationary images that evoke illusory motion in humans. Our results demonstrate how this motion illusion in flies is an